City Utility Billing

101 West Main Street
P.O. Box 840
Italy, TX 76651

Phone - (972) 483-7329
Fax - (972) 483-2800
After Hours Water Service - If you have any problems with your water service after hours, please call 972-483-6212. This includes breaks and leaks in water mains and stoppages in sewer lines.

The city provides billing and collection services for the water, sewer, and solid waste services. Included in this task is the reading of water meters. Visit our Citizens Page to find out who handles your electric and gas utilities.

General Questions:

What are the water rates in the city:

Why is my bill so high?

Your bill is based on how much water passes through your meter, so whether it is used or wasted, you pay on a per gallon basis. That is why it is important to use water wisely.

Why was my bill estimated?

Sometimes we have to estimate a meter reading. This happens when a meter is covered by a car, brush or limbs, ice, etc. When this happens, your water usage is estimated based on your past water use. Any overestimate or underestimate will be automatically corrected on your next bill. You can help us serve you better by keeping your meter uncovered and easy to reach.

What causes occasional taste and odor changes in my water?

All water has its own unique taste and odor characteristics. Italy like many other water suppliers, occasionally experiences taste and odor changes. Algae, temperature changes, excessive rain or lack thereof are all constituents that can